WETZEL – Laser engraved sleeves & cylinders
Wetzel engraves on all sleeve types. The company rubberizes both its own and third-party cylinder bases in-house. This applies both to plain rollers (carrier cylinders for photopolymers, industrial rollers) and to laser-engraved rollers. They employ laser-engraving in both rubber and elastomeric coatings for rotogravure cylinders and flexographic and embossing rollers (3D), with a printing width of up to 4000 mm. Exploit the benefits of Wetzel continuous engraving.

Cutting-edge laser engraving:

  • Employing high-resolution lasers with extremely high beam quality
  • Use of multi-beam technology
  • Flexographic printing rollers, laser-engraved
  • Flexographic sleeves, laser-engraved
  • Ruling rollers, laser-engraved
  • Ruling sleeves, laser-engraved
  • Carrier cylinders for sleeves

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